SPACE HARVEST is a fun new real time strategy game, available now for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad!

Available on the App Store


  • Make your fortune at the edge of the galaxy!
  • Explore uncharted asteroids with oddly geometric shapes!
  • Investigate strange volcanic activity and harness the power of huge mutant mushrooms!
  • Invest in the latest space-age technology, including Energy Saving Lightbulbs and the GIANT SPACE DEATH LASER!
  • Compete against 5 bonkers opponents!
  • Fun retro graphics!
  • Awesome positional sound effects!
  • Universal App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!

What people are saying about Space Harvest on the App Store

Fantastic RTS Game

This game is awesome. They really packed a full RTS with a cool style into a little app. It's fun, and quick loading / running, which means it's easy to pick up and play. Highly recommended.
★★★★★- reasonablyAwesome


Game play is great, RTS engine works very well, graphics and sound are spot on. If you like RTS games, this one will satisfy, grab it now!
Now it's both an iPhone and an iPad game - great job by the developer.
★★★★★- Premiere Apps

Old skool 8bit aesthetic

Space Harvest is an excellent game that I've revisited a number of times. I enjoy the iPad version a great deal!
★★★★★- just_the_just


Amazing game, great RTS and hoping for more levels in future updates! Seriously one of my favourite iPhone games.
★★★★★- Stakeout Studios

Great fun

If you like playing retro style c&c games then this is for you.
★★★★★- Paulhar

Harvest Moon

I love this game!! Wish that there were more levels!!!
★★★★★- Lola808

Mad Fun!

If you like RTS, this game is a must. Well done and fun to play.
★★★★★- evry1

Crazy nice!

★★★★★- MrMojp


Brilliant little game to have in your pocket. I've played it death, keep replaying levels too. Not like me, I usually get bored. Been playing it since v1.
★★★★★- SalfordSal

Best game

Best game for iPhone ever!!!!!!! Great game. You will never get bored!
★★★★★- Jamdunk

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App Spy: “packs a hell of a punch with its solid mechanics and beautiful design” - 4/5!

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Find My Soft: “Excellent ★★★★★”

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