Collects mushrooms and brings them back to the refinery for processing. Has no attack capability.

Your harvesters are the key to success - look after them, and they’ll look after you. Harvesters can take a fair bit of damage, but the loss of a fully laden harvester will cost you dearly.


Fast-moving unit with a weak attack.

Your standard defensive unit. In groups, it is very effective against other units, and it moves twice as quickly as tanks or harvesters.


Slow-moving unit with a powerful attack, good against buildings.

Tanks are primarily used for destroying enemy structures, making a hole for your Bumblebees to mop up enemy units.


Flying bomber with a very strong attack against both buildings and units. Has weak shields, and must recharge and rearm at a spaceport.

Ground-based units cannot attack BATs, but they are vulnerable to high voltage shock attacks from Electro Turrets.



Collect the sun’s rays to power your mushroom gathering empire.

To keep your buildings running, you’ll need to build solar stations to provide them with power. As solar stations are expensive, you should research the energy saving lightbulbs upgrade as soon as it is available.


Builds harvesters to collect mushrooms, and processes mushrooms ready for shipping back to earth.

You’ll want to build refineries close to sources of mushrooms, or your harvesters will spend much of their time travelling back and forth.


Your base of operations. Builds defensive units, allows shuttle transports to land.

Protect your spaceports at all costs! If you lose all your spaceports, you’ll lose the game.


Brilliant but absent-minded scientists will research new technologies here.

Your science lab is crucial for unlocking the vital upgrades you’ll need to survive on later levels. Each lab can only research one technology at once, but you can build many labs to speed up the march of progress.


Recharges the shields of units that drive onto it.

Build a recharge pad near a mushroom refinery, and harvesters that take a lot of damage will automatically head for your recharge pad to recharge their shields.


Protect your buildings from your enemies by surrounding them with strong walls.

Walls are inexpensive and can withstand a large amount of enemy fire. Keep their shields recharged, and your base should be more or less impregnable!


Energy gates allow your units to pass through freely, but prevent enemy units from doing the same.

Upgrade walls to energy gates, and you’ll also be giving your units a convenient place to fire on the enemy without taking damage themselves.


Gun emplacement with a strong attack and powerful shields. Can’t be directly controlled.

Though incapable of movement, turrets can inflict far more damage on enemy units than Bumblebees or Tanks. Vital for defending your base, they can also be used in capturing territory and mopping up your opponent’s forces during an attack on an enemy base.


Electro turrets are the only thing that can damage flying units. Each is equipped with a powerful electric attack that can drain the shields of multiple targets at once.

Electro Turrets cannot attack ground-based units, so make sure you protect them with regular turrets.


Build an energy bride across a small chasm to allow your units to reach the other side. Your energy bridges cannot be crossed by enemy forces.

Take care to protect your energy bridges - when they are destroyed any units currently crossing will fall off!



All buildings now require 1/3 less power

Cheap as chips, and will save you a fortune in solar energy bills. There really is no reason not to buy this upgrade.


Processing plants and spaceports build units faster

Double the speed of unit production with this upgrade. Buy early and build many harvesters to give yourself a good financial head start.


Improvements in recycling: reclaim more saleable material from buildings and units when you dismantle them

Expensive, but worthwhile if you ever wind up selling units or buildings, as they’ll fetch 50% more.


Very sharp blades help your harvesters gather mushrooms faster

Your harvesters collect mushrooms twice as quickly with MR CHOPPY’s patented titanium blades installed. Use in conjunction Organic Certification, and you’ll be rich in no time.


You won’t miss a thing with your own orbiting cctv satellite

Fog of war? Pah! See things as they truly are, and your enemies will have nowhere to hide. Be warned though: should this technology fall into enemy hands, you won’t have anywhere to hide either.


Products adorned with this attractive logo sell for twice as much!

Yes, it costs a fortune. Yes, it’s worth every penny. This is a critical upgrade on later levels.


Zap your enemies from space from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Each Science Lab can control its own Giant Space Death Laser.

The GIANT SPACE DEATH LASER spells instant destruction for anything that dares to get in its way, friend or foe.


Your units are invisible to the enemy when their cloaking device is turned on. Units can move but not attack or gather mushrooms while cloaked.

Use the cloaking ability to sneak past enemy turrets. You can build up a large force right outside the enemy gates when your units are cloaked.